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> What is Survey Creator
Let's say, you have prepared a survey, quiz, a set of questions. The way you decide to present them to your respondents and the way you collect their replies are largely determining for the success of your project.
Often, the most efficient solution is to offer to your public an on-line form by sending a hyperlink. Once campaign finished, analyse inside the tool or download all the collected answers from the web in a friendly-to-use format.
Your Survey in 4 steps
  1. Sign Up for a SCreator account
  2. Design Your Survey & Questions
  3. Send link to your respondents
  4. Analyse & Report
With Survey Creator create easily your own on-line forms:
> Survey Creator - Most Significant Features
  • Simple and user friendly environment
  • Different language preferences and support
  • User defined design (colors, fonts, style)
  • Add, modify, delete, or duplicate the questions / surveys is an easy operation
  • 4 modes - survey, instant poll (with instant results), quiz (with instant evaluation), subscription (share collected data)
  • Variety of question types: single/multiple choice, evaluation scales,...
  • E-mail notification
  • Filtering on multiple replies per respondent
  • Direct data exchange with Excel, Export in PDF
  • Graphical reporting
  • Surveys protected by login / password
  • Data storage on a secure server
  • Publicity/ads free surveys
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